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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Choosing Custom Shirts for Company Team Building

A team building activity can recharge your employees’ batteries, while allowing them to have fun and socialize at the same time. It’s a good idea to provide your employees custom shirts so they don’t have to worry about what they should wear for the event. However, these custom shirts must be chosen carefully.

Remember that the shirts are not merely for the purpose of distinguishing your employees from non-employees (like the staff at your chosen venue). Keep in mind that if you are holding the activity in a public place, like a park or a bowling alley, these custom shirts can be an effective form of offline marketing as well. For this reason, have someone work on a design that can strategically promote your business; the design can be a simple business logo or a witty slogan.

As these custom shirts can serve as a walking advertisement, you’d want the logo to be extremely visible. However, the type of target market you have comes into play when determining the logo size. For instance, if your company is geared toward college students, it’s fine to make the logo extremely visible. On the other hand, if your company serves thirty-something professionals, take the subtle route and go for a small logo.

Screen printing is the ideal process to apply a large design to shirts. However, embroidery will work well for putting small logos on the shirts. Custom embroidered shirts can give your employees a professional look.

Why Promotional Items are Vital for Businesses

Any business, big or small, needs to boost their public image. While the effects might not always be immediate, it can surely help any enterprise in the long run, especially in terms of product patronage and customer service. One way to do this is by occasionally handing out promotional items. “How will this work?” you might ask. These major upsides of utilizing promo products might give you answers.
Greater brand recognition. The main goal for most businesses is not to only be known, but to linger in both their current and prospective patrons’ minds. Creative marketing strategies, such as the use of a variety of promotional items, is one way to do this. Including company logos or other identification marks into special products that customers can regularly use is a tried-and-tested practice.
Low cost mass outreach. Promotional products are one way to spend less while sending out a large, lasting impact among your target market. Keep in mind that even the simplest giveaways are good in increasing customer loyalty. It is a friendly way of saying thanks.
Alternative business card. Promotional items are fun, creative alternatives to the more corporate-looking business card. For example, a computer hardware company who’s just fixed a customer’s device can opt to hand out their business card and a special freebie – a customized USB drive with the company name on it.

Versatile marketing platform. Promotional items promote marketing variety. Staple marketing products are useful, but varying them is fun and effective too.  

Friday, May 2, 2014

Screen Printed vs. Custom Embroidered Shirts for Business Promotion

Typically, there are two methods used by trusted custom printing companies like Metro Printed Products to incorporate designs on t-shirts: screen print and embroidery. Screen print is when ink is pushed through the surface of the fabric while embroidery is when thread is stitched onto the fabric’s surface by hand or by machine. Each method has its own set of advantages. However, there are some situations where great custom embroidered shirts make better choices than screen printed shirts.

For instance, if business owners want their employees to project a professional image while donning the outfit, opting for cost-effective custom embroidered polo shirts is the way to go. A professional look is especially important for those businesses belonging to industries that provide financial services like home mortgages, auto insurance, and others.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Memorable Promotional Items Can Help Put a Business in the Spotlight

Compared to traditional advertising methods, the use of promo items are way more cost-competitive. An advertising slot in a radio show, or even more so, in television, can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Compared to that, the cost of printing brand logo shirts and other knickknacks is negligible. Another advantage is the ease with which promotional items with company logo or message campaigns are distributed. In conferences, for example, distributing pens or stationery may be an effective way to get the brand seen. In conventions, tote bags as free giveaways get your brand traveling to many places, to be seen by many more. Promotional giveaways, in fact, holds the unique ability to penetrate the market, serving as potent “walking” advertisements for the business.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Edge of Custom Shirts and Merchandise

Traditional print media has always been an effective, legitimate way to reach potential clients. Television and radio can also reach its intended audience with relative ease, and the Internet has captured the imagination of a generation.

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